Methylation Services

HudsonAlpha Discovery provides methylation analysis services through Illumina’s MethylationEPIC arrays or through NGS. Several WGBS kits are in the process of being tested and validated for use in HudsonAlpha Discovery protocols.

Array-based Methylation Profiling

The Infinium MethylationEPIC BeadChip profiles over 850,000 methylation sites per sample at single-nucleotide resolution. This array is the replacement for the Methylation450 BeadChips that are no longer supported by Illumina. HudsonAlpha does have some remaining stock of Methyl450 so please contact us if you want to continue a previous experiment with Methyl450 arrays. In addition, we can process your Methyl450 Beadchips that you have obtained independently. Each BeadChip consists of 12 arrays (12 samples per BeadChip).

HudsonAlpha Discovery performs a thorough QC on every sample that is submitted, including Qubit/Picogreen analysis and visualization of DNA on a gel to measure the level of degradation. For MethylationEPIC arrays, we recommend submitting 1,000ng of RNA-free, intact gDNA in 45 µL of TE buffer or water. The recommended concentration is 25 ng/µL. The MethylationEPIC arrays have a minimum batch size of 32 samples. A customer may submit 32 samples, or submit fewer and wait for other customer’s samples to fill the batch. Each BeadChip consists of 8 arrays (8 samples per BeadChip).

NGS Methylation Services

HudsonAlpha Discovery is currently testing and validating WGBS kits from several vendors. Please check back for more information when the evaluation is complete.