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Discovery Genomics was initially established in 2009 by Dr. Shawn Levy at HudsonAlpha and was the hub for nearly all sequencing activity at that Institute. This unique facility leverages front-line genomic research tools for Discovery’s scientists and extends them to global academic institutions as well as commercial clients. Over the years, Discovery Genomics has established its expertise in high-throughput sequencing, workflow optimization and developing cutting-edge analytical pipelines. Today, Discovery Genomics operates more than a dozen high-performance sequencing instruments. We have a world-class complement of Illumina sequencing technology, including 9 NovaSeq, 2 MiSeq, 2 NextSeq 500, and iSeq sequencers.

To date, Discovery has supported more than 7,000 projects and sequenced over 500,000 samples. These projects have been in collaboration with hundreds of laboratories around the world. In addition to the technologies used by Discovery, the laboratory has a dedicated bioinformatics and analysis group to ensure that data produced at Discovery are analyzed and interpreted to the highest quality and most significant impact result. Our large sequencing capacity coupled with a professional staff with extensive genomics and informatics experience allows the Discovery team to support projects of nearly any size and scope. Data produced at Discovery have revealed the genetic causes of more than 10 inherited diseases and is contributing to the understanding of complex disorders such as autism, ALS, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, diabetes and other diseases.

Discovery primarily specializes in sequencing technologies but also offers microarray, epigenetic, and RT-PCR services.

Contact Discovery

For questions about ongoing projects:

Email: genomics@dls.com

Phone: (256) 327-9413

For general inquiries or billing questions:

Email: hadiscovery@dls.com

Phone: (256) 327-9426

Fax: (256) 327-9898

Visiting Discovery

Discovery Geonomics is located within the Cummings Research Park in Huntsville, AL. Detailed driving directions are available on the Discovery website.

If you are shipping samples to us, make sure you follow our shipping instructions, including online submission. Our shipping address is:

Discovery Life Sciences Genomics
900 Hudson Way
Huntsville, AL 35806