Submitting Samples to Discovery Genomics

Sample Requirements | Isolation | Quality Control

Checklist for submitting samples

  1. Register an account on the Discovery Genomics website for yourself and your Principal Investigator

    Every person involved in the project should have their own account in order to receive project updates and view files. The PI of the project is the person ultimately responsible for the payment for the scope of work. You will need to confirm your registration by clicking a link in a confirmation email sent to you from
  2. Create a project with your PI as the PI of the project and yourself as a contact.

    You will also need the accounts payable information for your institute or company. This contact would be the person who will receive invoices and arrange for payment.
  3. Isolate nucleic acids or organize samples needing isolation

    The quality of starting material is the single most important factor in excellent data, so if you have questions regarding this step, contact us before proceeding.
  4. Submit samples online

    Login to your project and click "Submit New Samples". Follow the instructions provided, including as much information as possible about each sample to help us most effectively handle samples and analyze your data.
  5. Label samples

    When samples are submitted online, sample numbers are generated in the format 1111-SEL-0001, 1111-SEL-0002, etc., where the first set of digits is the project number, followed by the PI's initials, and then counting upward from 0001. If samples are submitted in tubes, this sample number should be written on the top of each 1.5ml Eppendorf tube. If samples are submitted in clear, full-skirt or half-skirt plates (the preferred method), the project number, sample number range, and date should be written on the end of the plate. The plate should be sealed with a foil cover capable of withstanding -80C temperatures (Corning Microplate Aluminum Sealing Tape ).

    Be sure to dilute samples to the appropriate concentration in the correct buffer. Column elution buffer or low-EDTA 10mM Tris is usually a good choice.
  6. Ship samples

    1. A confirmation email will be sent after you submit your samples online. Print out the attached form to include in your shipment and verify that the sample numbers on the form match the samples you are shipping.
    2. Print out and sign the Hazardous Declaration Form to include with your shipment. Any samples shipped without this document will be discarded.
    3. Pack the samples as diagrammed below.
    4. Write your project number on the outside of the box. This is very important to ensure prompt delivery to Discovery Genomics from our central receiving office.
    5. Ship samples overnight to the address below. We advise shipping no later in the week than Wednesday in case a carrier delay causes samples to sit over the weekend with no cooling available.

      Shipping Address

      Discovery Life Sciences
      900 Hudson Way
      Huntsville, AL 35806, USA